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My new job with The Perfect Company

How have you been?  I have been thinking about you lately.  I just started working for a company and I know you need a permanent job also.  This company would be great for you.  It is perfect for me, absolutely perfect.

The company is, The Perfect Company.  It is the biggest company anywhere in the universe.  It has offices all over the world and once hired, employment is permanent.   I was having some problems in my life, I could not find the right job, felt dejected and was sad.  A friend of mine introduced me to The Perfect Company and the Man that manages the company.  He offered me a permanent position with the company.  All I had to do was accept the offer.  Well I accepted.  The strangest thing happened, I was accepted with open arms.  In fact they had a huge party for me on the spot.  Everyone stopped what they were doing and they all acknowledged me as a new employee.  It is like we are all family!  I have never been so satisfied and happy.

Well, let me tell you about the company.  You ought to accept their offer.  I am getting ahead of myself, I’m so excited.  I didn’t tell you, but The Perfect Company has a standing offer to anyone that wants employment.  Accepting their offer gives you a permanent job with them.   All anyone has to do is ask for a job, that’s all.  The Perfect Company accepts everyone, amazing.  Like I said it is like a family working here.

I met the Manager of the company the other day.  He is the boss of everything.   They all call Him, “The Boss”.   It is like He is my best friend.  In fact it was better than that, it is like He is my brother, my own brother.  He knows all about me.  He knew about my family, where I live, my likes and dislikes, any problems I have.  He knew all about me!  I’m amazed if I was the manager of a company I don’t think I would have hired me!  I don’t know how to run any of the equipment.  I’m not the smartest nor have much ability.   I don’t know how to work or do anything in this company.  It is all so very new to me.  And yet from the beginning they made known to me the job was permanent and advancement was sure.  The Boss’s kindness and generosity is amazing.  I have never been at a company like this.  The Boss is always happy, He is extremely creative, always confident in Himself, and even very confident in what they will train me to do.  I am so new but so glad I found The Perfect Company.

I think the reason they have confidence in me is not because of me, I’m a big foul-up, but because of My Foreman.  My Foreman knows everything.  I mean literally everything.  Everyone calls Him “My Foreman”.  That is because He is so personable and aware of each one of us individually.  He too knows everything about me.

My Foreman knows the company from top to bottom and side to side.  He knows, in detail, the direction The Boss is taking.  He knows how everything works (He should, they say He made everything).  He gets His direction from The Boss.  He know the mind of The Boss.  I don’t know how He does it, but My Foreman is the same Foreman that everyone else at The Perfect Company has as his foreman.  Talk about the harmony running here.  The Foreman is my teacher and my guide for what to learn and how to do my work at The Perfect Company.  And He is my comforter.  If I run into a problem at work He teaches me what is correct, how to work through that problem and comforts me through the process.  It is like He and I work together to accomplish the work.  Because of My Foreman I feel the two of us together can accomplish anything, literally anything.  I know without My Foreman working with me it is very hard for me and results are not satisfactory.   No matter how good my personal standards are they do not come anywhere near the standard when The Foreman works with me.  The Perfect Company has standards set by The Owner.  These standards are only attainable with The Foreman and me working together.

I’d like to tell you about The Owner.  The word I’d use to describe The Owner of The Perfect Company is LOVE.  Love because He will let anyone and everyone start work here at The Perfect Company.  The Owner has created a place where anyone is welcome.  It doesn’t matter your ability or your circumstance, The Owner’s love for everyone is more important.

Word is, The Owner had the idea for this company way back when.  The Boss loves The Owner and wanted to do what The Owner envisioned.  The Boss envisioned the same as the Owner.  So with the help of The Foreman they built The Perfect Company.   The three of them worked together to build The Perfect Company.  It is like they are one, but yet each do different things.  Each of the three has their own ability and yet they can do everything individually and together.  It is Perfection at work fulfilled by Love.

You can tell The Boss gave His heart and soul to create The Perfect Company.  The Boss must have given a great deal of Himself.  He looks like He was in a fight for His life and He lost, but He didn’t.  He has permanent bruises and scars all over His body.   I’ve heard He even died to build this company, but the Owner brought Him back to life.

The three; The Owner, The Boss, and The Foreman are all perfect in a flawless company that they built together.  The most remarkable thing is they built The Perfect Company and run it all for me and you.  I accepted their offer for employment, you need to also.  The sign says “Always Hiring – Anyone”.