So Why Christmas – Why Do We Need God’s Gift of Jesus?

Love is the essence of God. In fact – God is Love. God created man so He could express His love to man. Man was made in the image and likeness of God. But man turned his back on his Maker, God.  God gave man the ability to decide. Man has the ability to make choices about his own life by his own will. Man can decide to love or not to love, like God loves. Man decided to follow his own agenda and man separated himself from God.

Because of God’s great and undying love for us humans God gave to us, Jesus, His Son. God’s  Christmas gift to us.

God gave us Jesus, born by a woman, and also birthed by God. Perfect God gave life to the perfect human Jesus.

Thus we celebrate Jesus’ birth and call it Christmas.

Christmas presents the reality of life in Jesus. Everyone must see God at some time. Your decision is if you want to face God with life in Jesus or face God on your own.

Christmas is important for each of us. Individually we each must decide if we want Jesus who is God’s Christmas gift to us in our lives.

If you do want this gift, Jesus, you must take the gift of Jesus into your life. So ask Jesus to be His gift to you, your Savior, your hope, your salvation.

Hope you each enjoy Christmas knowing you have accepted your gift from God, Jesus, into your life.

Life with Jesus is good. Jesus said; “I came to bring you life and that to the fullest.”

Merry Christmas to ALL!


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