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Lies to You

A lie that is commonly told to us is “You have no value!”

You agree with that lie >>> Why am I even alive?   Why was I even alive?    I have no value!

We believe this lie from an early age.  We were, maybe abused as a kid. Or maybe just told: “You are worthless!”

So we ended up believing this about ourselves: “I have no worth, no value. I am just a useless piece of crap. Why was I born?”

THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH! This is a lie!

The Truth is – everyone has a value and that value starts with the FACT – GOD LOVES YOU!

Jesus, God’s first son, died in your place. He loves you. God only loves you. He completely loves you. He eternally loves you. He forever loves you!

God says that before you were born – He loved you.

We live in a crap world. Surrounded by crap situations and a lot of crap people. That makes it hard to hear from God.

Life with God’s help starts by asking Jesus into your life.

If you take the time to stop and think about the past, somewhere in there God had been talking to you, protecting you, screaming at you to get your attention. Saying turn to Me for life and help. It all starts with God through Jesus in your life.

Man has rejected God, not God rejecting man. So turn to God and He will be your ROCK.

Life with God only gets better as you go toward Him and seek Him. You definitely will find Him and help from Him. It is a road of having Faith in God for your help and insight.

You may not believe in God. You may mock God. You might hate God. That is O.K.

It does not change the fact, the fact! That GOD LOVES YOU!

God always has loved mankind and He especially, specifically loves you. God knew you before you were born and He knows the number of hairs on your head.

So stop hating yourself and stop hating God, who is the source of peace and safety.

So ask Jesus into your life, go after God and God will change your life for the better. Freedom and real Love is what God provides, promise!