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You gotta have a core

I was listening to someone on the radio today.  And all I heard was “I think,” “I think.”  I’ve heard them comment before on the other side of the same subject.  What do they really believe?  It is dependent on the situations on how they respond.

This person thinks as the wind blows.  They either follow the crowd or think what “feels good” at that particular time.  They do not have a core.

If you have core beliefs it is like having an anchor, some stability.  If you have some basic beliefs, it shapes how you think because your starting point is those core beliefs.

I’m not saying it has to be a correct core.  As even suicide “boomers” have a core belief (wrong as it is).  Their core is hatred and they maintain that core and build the rest of their beliefs and commitment starting from that core.  Politicians on the other hand seem to start from a core belief of power and grandeur and riches.  They adjust what they say to meet their needs.  That is why the old joke:  “How do you tell when a politician is lying?  Answer:  Their lips are moving.”

It is important to establish a core, some roots, an anchor to carry you through life.  It is important to think seriously about what you believe and develop your core.  Slight additions and modifications are ok as you experience life.  But view your world consistency from your core.  You may not think that having a core is important, but if you don’t have a core you seem unstable, you are seen as a flake and often not trustworthy.