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Everything is Jesus

The intimacy we feel and acknowledge when we worship God is the desire of the Lord God Almighty also.

The supply of everything we need is in Jesus, the Son of God. God made us; He understands us. His love, His desire for us is found in the completeness of Jesus toward us. Jesus is the sum of all things. Jesus is far above all else. Place your Faith in Jesus.

In Jesus, everything we need is there. Love, acceptance, salvation, completeness, fulfilment, trust, loyalty, satisfaction are all filled by knowing Jesus.

Even though we do not see You Jesus we know that You are with us always, forever. By Faith, you show us Your majesty. By Faith, we see Your grandeur. By Faith, we touch Your undying love. By Faith, we see the promise You have bought for us. By Faith, we assuredly know Your understanding of all we are in You, Jesus.

Thank you, Jesus, for Your love.